This is not the full version of my spiritual transformation, but I have to put something here to follow up with the stray cat allegory. Here goes:

So, on July 27th 2009 God blessed me with a massive brain trauma and a craniotomy complete with titanium plates and screws, and then a couple months later he removed all my assets and all my people, left me and my school with nothing and nobody, but my love and vision for the children. Only God stayed close by me and revealed himself to me on that day when I came to look into the emptiness and morn the loss and think about the blame ia had fo rmyself. I expected to look inot a dark pit of self reproach and loathing, but instead I saw Gods loving hand, and  God said, “Fer not, this has nothing to do with anything you did wrong. This was all partof the Plan! Everything is going according to plan. Fear not.  Ive taken all the stumbling blocks out of your way, build it again! All the naysayers, doubters and haters are gone, build it again, but this time build it so that you are supported and sustained because without you, it cannot be. So I  guess if you only get to  have one person standing with you and helping you out, it’s a pretty  good thing if he is omnipotent and Commander of the Universe.  Do you know, He is really well connected, he knows everybody? And he knows who to bring in to help with whatever is needed and has arranged for them to show up at just the right time! Just like a play, people enter hte stage at a rprearranges time. Whenever somthing is needed to be done, just the right person shows up. So I feel a great peace with such a competant partner. And so all this had a Purpose: So that when it is all rebuilt people will realize it of God’s will and not of human hands, Because what is happening now is not humanely possible. The only possible explanation for this rebirth and expansion is Divine intervention. There is no way a single human being with all assets removed, all human, material and (worldly) support taken away, and half her brain tied behind her back could accomplish this Mission. Yet it is happening. I am doing nothing other than praying without ceasing..and letting God handle all of it, and He is so good at it! It is all God’s work, He is the best person Ive ever hired and He has accepted my soul as payment, in full.  And I was happy to give it to him for safe keeping as I really wasn’t using it at the time anyway. There is no other explanation for what is happening. Every day brings yet  another miracle! Thank You God!
A man plants the seed, a man waters the plant, but only God knows how to make it grow. And it only happens through his grace. And that is your proof, in case you were doubting. A couple months ago, when I got overwhelmed by the magnitude of the work needing to be done. God spoke to me, he said,  “Remember how HARD it was for you to do YOUR job when people were doubting you and didnt have faith in you? (He loves to use parables from peoples lives to explain things, you know) and I said, “Yes!” and he said, “Well its like that for ME! I need your FAITH to do MY work!  You think you have too many things to do. But really there is only ONE task that is required of you. You only need to do ONE thing: BELIEVE!”
“Ohhhhh! I get it!” I love how HE explains these things so that even I  can understand. And this is one of many conversations Ive had with Him since He remodeled my brain adb added hte intercom so I cold hear Him. I guess getting close to death brought me close to God. But it was shown to me it was not my time to go. God still has a P:urpose  for me  here. He is the only one in charge of when people live and when they die nobody argues that point.

SO here I am, living in gratitude instead of being dead and six feet under the ground. Every day is a gift I shall not waste. I rejoice in every day. You should too!

And oh yeah, on July 27th 201o I was baptised! As though it were planned, butI did not plan that as I cannot manage time at all anymore since my surgery. I really feel my hospital journey was a spiritual training. I got curious and counted the days I was in the hospital exactly 40 days! From July 27th to Sept 4th.

I ill write and post the full story here sometime.

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Religion claims you like a stray cat.

Perhaps one doesn’t really pick their religion. Perhaps religion chooses you in a similar manner in which a stray cat selects you. Slowly. First you notice it on the periphery. It may be on your front porch or elsewhere closeby. It looks up at you and you think it’s cute and fluffy so you pet it, then it rubs against your leg and you think maybe its hungry and perhaps you should feed it, so you do. Then it begins to show up regularly, like it knows when you are coming home. It’s there to greet you every day. You get used to seeing it there and pretty soon you are feeding it regularly. Suddenly, you’re in a committed relationship that you hadn’t planned on, every day, there’s the cat waiting for you on the front porch, and now, every day, you feel compelled to feed it.

One day, when your guard is down, the cat casually saunters into your house when you open the door. You fail to shoo it out. And now, you just look the other way when it casually walks in the door each time you open it. You’re silent as it leaps onto your couch and settles in. Soon, you find this cat had upgraded itself and lays directly on your lap as you watch television or read the newspaper. There is something soothing about its purring, its soft, warm fur. It knows when you are feeling blue and it’s a comfort to you. Only too late, you realize you’re serving the cat.  You feed the cat, spend time with the cat, look for the cat, open the door to let the cat in and out; you never intended to own a cat, but you realize, suddenly you have been possessed and captured by this innocent looking creature. It’s hard to say how or when it happened, all you know is, you are together now and in some strange way it makes sense.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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